November 25, 2015


About De Paris Restorations

Ian De Paris established De Paris Builders in 1990. Since then De Paris Builders has evolved into De Paris Restorations, a well established business with the emphasis on quality and customer care.

The company carries out work for both private clients and insurance companies.

We believe in an old fashioned approach to our customer service, giving a personal service to each of our clients from start to completion. We are always available for our clients to answer their questions and guide them through the process and, above all, we are dedicated to, and proud of, our high quality workmanship.

The quality of our work and skilled craftsmanship, together with expert knowledge, experience and attention to detail enable us to guarantee our work and provide our clients with piece of mind.

De Paris Restorations strive to meet the highest standards by continually developing the service that we offer our clients and the training undertaken by our employees.

De Paris Restorations have a strict policy in all health and safety areas and continually monitor all areas to ensure that good practice is adhered to at all times. We actively encourage our staff to do the same and to be proactive in all aspects of health and safety.

De Paris Restorations Cotswold Stone House